Morning exercises "Go banana"

In our language school every day begins with the morning exercises. Pupils enjoy "Go banana song" best of all. They do this activity with great pleasure.



All the students in language school are divided into groups of 5-6. During the first week they work on the project on the topic "Food". Children gather material, learn phrases and idioms. In a nutshell they are preparing for the presentation of projects.



The excursion to the plant "Sharunia".

Children liked this excursion very much. They have learned about the process of producing cookies and were treated to tasty sweet "mushrooms".



"Projects' Day"

On Friday pupils of the language school presented their projects on the topic "Food", it was the summing up of their week work. All nine projects were different, creative and very interesting. One of the pupil's group has made tasty fruit salad and we enjoyed it very much.


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